The Tale of Two Swine

There once lived two swine named NinjaPiggy and Trend.

They were similar in every way, except the later had a taste for the high-end.

This is the tale of the automobiles they bought

and how their purchases impacted much more than just their trot.

Every five years Trend upgraded his car and traded-in,

while NinjaPiggy made each car last for ten.





Cadillac Eldorado  $9,200

Cadillac Eldorado $9,200


Chevy Malibu  $3,900

Chevy Malibu $3,900

Yearly Cash Savings




= (.18-.06) * 12,000 miles




Chrysler New Yorker  $12,000

Chrysler New Yorker $12,000




= (.22-.06) * 12,000 miles

NinjaPiggy's Extra Cash