What Are You Going to Sacrifice?

Who are a few people in your life that you consider successful? Success can be defined however you want. One thing I’m confident in is that all the people you consider successful made a sacrifice at some point in their life.

Some may think of their stay-at-home mom as successful. For others it may be a doctor friend. Maybe you know someone that has made it as an entrepreneur. A successful person could be include an athlete, a business executive, an artist, a small business owner, a teacher, or basically  any profession.

All these people sacrificed something to achieve their dream. A stay-at-home mom sacrificed the prospects of a career and a paycheck of their own to focus on raising a family. A doctor sacrificed many years in medical school, studying for countless hours, while their friends were out having a good time. An entrepreneur sacrificed the stability and certainty of a constant paycheck. An athlete made sacrifices in the time they spend working out and practicing. An executive sacrifices hours at home with the family to continue to move up in their career.

Every successful person makes a sacrifice. Sometimes successful people don’t view what they did as a sacrifice because they are pursuing their dreams and passions. If you want to be successful, you first have to define what success means to you. If you can’t think of what it would take to consider yourself successful, take a look at how you define success in others. See if you can apply that version of success to yourself.

To be successful financially you will have to make (you guessed it) sacrifices. It might be a sacrifice of 10-20 extra work hours a week so you can pay down your debt. It may be turning down a lucrative job offer, so you can spend more time with your family. Financial success can look different from one person to the next. The one constant is, successful people achieve their success through sacrifice.

What does success mean to you? What are you going to sacrifice to achieve your version of success?